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 Chapter One: Another Normal Day

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Tracie Lazarus
Tracie Lazarus

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Chapter One: Another Normal Day Empty
PostSubject: Chapter One: Another Normal Day   Chapter One: Another Normal Day Icon_minitimeMon Mar 31, 2014 3:33 am

Tracie yawned as she left her final lecture of the day, going threw the doorways groggily. Only to collide into her best friend, immediately as she entered the hallway. "Damn it! Watch where you going buddy." Elizabeth angrily snapped, only to notice it was not a stranger that just walked into her. "Oh, so that's how you greet someone you known since childhood!" Tracie countered, as she drew out a yawn. "You know I didn't mean it that way." Elizabeth exasperated. "Anyways, was this your last class?" Elizabeth questioned her obviously tired friend. "Yes, thank the gods!" Tracie dragged herself in the hallways.

Tracie and Elizabeth continued their way down the corridors, "Well if we want to make our shifts, we better get into spirit to last the entire day." Elizabeth stretched out her back. "Whoa never seen you excited about going to work before!" Tracie mocked, and finally got into her usual character. "Well, lets get going!" She shouted as she quickly ran down the corridors and out the building, dashing straight to her friend's car.

As Elizabeth finally joined her friend outside she immediately saw her friend leaning against her car. "You know I could always refuse giving you a ride to work." Elizabeth jokingly said to her relaxed friend, wanting to see the range of emotions to appear. Tracie face was going from elated to confusion, then to fear. Until eventually to despair  "No! You wouldn't dare do that to me!" Tracie gushed. "Oh? I wont will I?" Elizabeth said with no emotion in her words. She went to her side of the car and unlocked the drivers end, quickly getting into the car. She revved up the engine, then shifting into gear acting like she was about to leave her. Tracie started to grabbed the handle of the care and fumbling with it quickly to open in it at no avail. Elizabeth laughed and finally unlocked the door, once Tracie heard the lock on the door. She launched herself into the passenger's seat. "You weren't really about to leave me there were ya?" Tracie said panicky and teary eyed. "Of course not." Elizabeth sarcastically replied.

When they finally arrived to their destination, Elizabeth quickly popped the trunk of her car and grabbed the uniform from the space. She immediately stripped right in the parking lot. Tracie stood there in awe, how could her friend do such an act in public without a second thought. "Hurry up or we will really be late this time." Elizabeth stated out of breath, waiting for Tracie to do the same so she can close her trunk. "You don't really expect me to do this right out in this parking lot do you?" Tracie asked with her cheeks starting to tint in a dark shad of red. "Of course, I did and I had no problem why should you?" Elizabeth asked bluntly. "No one else is around, and its not like you have anything anyone wants to see." Elizabeth stated jokingly. "Well thanks for the vote of confidence!" Tracie muttered as she stripped embarrassed and quickly changed into her tight fitting dress.

As they entered the café they were greeted by their usual customers, which everyone knew them by name. Tracie and Elizabeth quickly punched in. Then grabbed the menus from behind the counters, as the bell chimed in both girls enthusiastically greeted the next customer. That is until Tracie seen who it was, she immediately avoided the gaze of the young gentleman. She went straight into the kitchen, she had no means to even serve the man who entered the café. She was unwilling to even attempt to go out to help with the rest of the customers until the man left.

Elizabeth walked up to the front of the store and greeted the next customer. "Hi Darren, long time no see." Elizabeth inwardly laughed at her friend's reaction. "Yeah." Darren sounded disheartened. As Elizabeth guided him to an open booth. "What was all that about." He asked sorrowfully. "I have no idea what you are getting at!" Elizabeth feigned innocence. She smiled at him as she went off to counters, grabbed a mug and coffee. She placed down the mugged and poured him coffee straight black. "So I take it the usual." She stated without caring if he wanted something else. She went straight to the kitchen to place the order, and came back quickly sitting down across from Darren.

"So professional are we?" Darren arched a brow, smirking at the laid back woman. "What do you expect? The café is about to close and everyone else already paid for their meals and currently leaving." Elizabeth countered while looking at her nails. "What happened to your coworker?" Darren asked smiling. "Wouldn't you like to know." Elizabeth stated bluntly with a bright know smile. She got up and ran to get the order that was placed on the counter. " She slid the plate on the table, "I don't understand how you can come here everyday and order the same small meal." Elizabeth eyed the small plate. It was an omelet, with bacon on the side. "Are you some kind of kid, eating breakfast for dinner?" Elizabeth sighed. Darren finished is meal as quickly as he could since he couldn't stomach this woman any longer.

Smiling he waved as he left the café after paying. Tracie took that as her queue that it was finally safe to walk out of the kitchen. Letting out a sigh of relief "What was that?" Elizabeth gazed upon a now sweaty Tracie. "Did you want to avoid him that much to stay in the hot kitchen for an hour? Not only leaving me with all the customers to take care of, but a very annoyed Darren at that?" Elizabeth glared at Tracie for a moment. "You know I cant stand him!" Tracie shrieked in her defense. "He always get so close to me for no reason, even in middle school I couldn't get away from him." Tracie shivered as the memories come to haunt her. "So?" Elizabeth bluntly asked. "He likes you, what is your point?" Elizabeth stated as he finished cleaning all the tables and turning off the light. "He does not, he only likes to torture me for his own amusement." Tracie denied with all her might. They walked back to Elizabeth's car.

Elizabeth started her way to her apartment complex it was only 9pm, so she still had some time before she had to rush Tracie back home. "Well, do you want any company to discuss your so called trauma?" Elizabeth teased. Tracie went all wide eyed "Are you offering to sleep over." she sung happily as she bounce around in her seat. "If it comes down to it." Elizabeth sighed. Tracie made a fan-girl like squeal.

Once they were at the door of her apartment Elizabeth struggled with her door. Only thing that could be heard down the corridor was the fumbling of keys in the socket of the door knob. "Damn it, Its not like I have a ton of keys. Crappy lock, I swear if only I could give this landlord a piece of my mind." Elizabeth began. "Well why don't you?" Tracie asked innocently. "Umm. You know." Elizabeth stammered. "Well never mind" She whipped her bed back and forth as she heard the door unlatched. "Finally." She smiled, opening her door quickly. Rushing threw her flat, straight to her bedroom. Gathering clothing quickly into a duffle bag, just stuffing it in not caring if the clothes were going to be wrinkled in the process. "How long does you heart need for healing?" Elizabeth taunted. "A week?" Tracie pressed her chances. "We are on break, so it shouldn't hurt right?" Tracie gave a small smile. Elizabeth smirked at that, "Well have you asked the permission of the over barring lord of the manor?" Elizabeth chuckled. "Psshh. Like he can say no to me." Tracie said uncaringly. They quickly left the apartment going straight to Tracie's house.

Pulling threw to pebbled driveway both girls watched as the gate slowly open. "I don't understand why you cant have a normal house." Elizabeth sighed at the showy mansion. "Hmm I have no idea, but its home." Tracie smiled as they drove around the giant fountain, parking directly in front of the stairs of the entrance. Tracie ran straight to the door and before she could open it, the door flew open. "Where have you been?" Growled a voice.
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Chapter One: Another Normal Day
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