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vampire role playin
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 Chapter Two: Late night madness

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Tracie Lazarus
Tracie Lazarus

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Chapter Two: Late night madness Empty
PostSubject: Chapter Two: Late night madness   Chapter Two: Late night madness Icon_minitimeMon Mar 31, 2014 12:57 pm

Without further questioning, both girls were dragged by the collars of their uniforms. Sliding across the ground, as they gasp for air. Two hands balled up in fist, Tracie had given up immediately when she felt the grasp of her collar. She did not struggle, but on the other hand Elizabeth was holding the wrist of the man was dragging her on the ground. When they finally entered the study of the mansion, both girls were sent airborne and landed on the loveseat. Not so long after they heard the man sat down in his rest chair. "So where have you been?" He once again growled under his breath.

Tracie heaved a sigh, then replied. "I just got off my shift from the café." She bit her nail nervously. "We are just a little later than usual, since we had a slow customer." Tracie elaborated, trying to calm the fuming man. Elizabeth let out an awkward chuckle, watching the scene unfold before her. Both parties jumped at the sudden chuckling of Elizabeth. "Well isn't the over protective Bobby." Elizabeth sarcastically stated. Bobby only gave the girl a sudden glare, "She was suppose to be home before midnight." He countered, both girls quickly looked at the clock. It was a quarter after, "Are you being serious right now?" Elizabeth sounded exasperated. Bobby did not even reply to the dark haired girl. All he said was "Go now!". Both girls ran out of the room without questioning any further.

"Damn it!" Elizabeth cursed. "It wasn't like I kept you until 3am." She fumed. They were both in Tracie's room getting ready for bed. "I know, but he has always been like that you know." Tracie tried to calm her friend. "Its one thing to be protective of a sibling, but this is straight up smothering." Elizabeth bluntly stated. Tracie laughed at her friend. "Hey Lizzy, could it have been that you were actually afraid?" Tracie teased. Elizabeth grunted at that response. "Never, I would I ever? And what have I told you about using such an embarrassing nickname. If you don't want to say my full name, just call me Beth. Not that sickening sweet one." Beth said in annoyance.

Once Beth finally calmed down they both sat on the bed, playing with Tracie's kitten. "She is such a cute thing." Beth smiled, playing with the cat from under the sheets. "Yes, I finally gave her a name." Tracie smiled at the tabby kitten. "Her name is Lexi." Tracie beamed with her smile. "Fits her perfectly." Elizabeth laughed. Both girls were startled by the sudden ringing of Tracie cell phone, Tracie pick up her phone and look at the caller id. She sighed and tossed her cell phone across the bed, not looking back at it until it stop ringing. "Why didn't you answer?" Beth questioned with knowing eyes. Tracie avoided the gaze of her friend "You very well know damn why I wont answer." Tracie bluntly replied. "Who the hell gave him my number." She finally glared back at her friend. "Hey don't blame me." Beth said innocently. "It must of been the meddlesome sister." Beth smirked.

"Damn her!" Tracie fumed. Flopping herself into her bed "Who am I kidding, I cant get angry at her." Tracie laughed, Mary was like a puppy whenever someone gets angry at her. She would looking at the person with pleading eyes, then finally some tears would start to form. "She can even make me of all people feel guilty." Tracie  chuckled. Beth nodded, grabbing her friend's phone. "Hey, you know what would be fun?" Beth said as a devilish smirk began to appear. "What?" Tracie looked back soon matching that smirk. "If I answered, pretending to be you." Beth laughed. Soon enough the phone began to ring, Beth waited until the third ring to pick up. "Hello?" Beth acted with a groggy voice. "Who is this?" She questioned. She waited for the person on the other side to reply. "Hello?" She called out again, when suddenly the person disconnected. "Hmm that was no fun." Beth sighed tossing to phone to the nightstand. "But I guess he wont be calling anymore she smiled.

Both girls gotten under the covers, try to lull their restless minds to sleep. Tracie had a bit of a harder time to fall asleep, with the odd feeling that someone was watching them. But she brushed that very thought away, she had been more or less stalked by the same annoying guy for most her life. That must be what she is feeling at this very moment. Tracie took in a final long sigh, turning over on her right side. Finally falling into a deep slumber.
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Chapter Two: Late night madness
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