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vampire role playin
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 Chapter One

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Tracie Lazarus
Tracie Lazarus

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PostSubject: Chapter One   Chapter One Icon_minitimeSat Oct 02, 2010 3:01 am

Tracie took a deep breath while she was walking the corridors of the mansion. "God there is nothing to do around here!" Tracie practically yelled. She yawned from the lack of actives to do at the moment. "I do believe this is the most i have ever been bored in my life." Tracie was talking to her self while she walked around aimlessly. When she finally got to the end of the hallway she turned around slowly and started to walk in the opposite direction to back of where she began.

She glanced around every once and awhile to try to spot either one of her siblings, yet to succeed the task she was in the middle of. "Oh come on! Every time when I'm not looking for either one of ya your always around, and when I'm looking for you two, your nowhere to be found." Tracie had said in agitation.

She looked around the very furnished corridor, no presence of any beings around. Tracie took a painful sigh that she had been holding in for hours of her search. The only thing close to them was Bobby's damn monster of a dog. The hell hound seems to favor Tracie more than any other of the siblings. Tracie was not really a dog person, she was never really good with animals. "Oh hey Zuzaki. What are you doing?" Zuzaki looked at Tracie with questing eyes. "Do you know where Bobby or the other bothersome one?" Tracie asked the animal like he would know anything more than a simple trick. Tracie waited a couple of minutes for some kind of response. She finally caught on in 3minutes that he wasn't going to be of any use. "Useless animal." Tracie muttered to herself.

Zuzaki huffed to himself then walked off. "Thanks for the company." Tracie said to the dog in an enthusiastic tone. She walked the exact opposite direction of the "hell hound" as Tracie known him as. Zuzaki turned the corner to and found Bobby listening in on the humiliating conversation that Tracie had with his animal. "Aww poor boy, she is always being so mean to you." Bobby baby talked to his dog. "Don't worry we'll get her back." Bobby said with a smirk on his face.

Bobby rounded the corner and proceeded of following his younger sister. He was snickering silently at every step he took.
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Chapter One
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